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Q What is Green Chemistry?
Green chemistry is the designing of a process that does not generate any harmful chemicals in the entire life cycle beginning from raw material selection to packaging.


Q What makes Beegreen products different? What kind of ingredients do you use??
A  Begreen
 products are formulated based on green chemistry and is Green Pro certified.


Q Are these products as effective as the regular cleaners in the market?

A Yes, In fact, even more! It is a common misconception that harsh chemicals clean better. Our R&D team does world-class research on biosciences to create super-safe products that harness maximum cleaning powers from natural or naturally derived ingredients.

Beegreen range works better while keeping toxic chemicals and fumes at bay. After all, why should you have to compromise on clean for safe and green!


Q Why don’t you have strong lingering fragrance in our cleaning products?

A Our formulations are designed to be safe for those with fragrance allergies and sensitivity to chemicals. Beegreen Cleaners are free of all synthetic fragrances which release volatile compounds to pollute indoor air and harm the respiratory system. We use only naturally derived fragrance.

Pro-tip: Strong fragrance in products just masks (covers) the bad odour, it doesn’t eliminate the source.


Q Do Beegreen cleaners kill bacteria and viruses?

A Products that claim to have an ‘anti-bacterial formula’ disinfect by killing bacteria, and usually contain pesticides that do not qualify as safe, non-toxic, or biodegradable. Beegreen cleaning products are free of all toxic substances and pesticides. This makes them child-safe, skin-friendly, and eco-friendly. Our floor and toilet cleaner formulations degrade harmful microorganisms by breaking up their cell walls and washing them away.


Q What’s the difference between cleaners and disinfectants?

A Cleaning refers to the removal of debris, oils, and organic matter. Disinfecting is a process that kills all biological matter, whether it is beneficial or harmful. Overuse of disinfectants is linked to antibiotic resistance. Heard of superbugs?

Beegreen cleaners are free of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and other non-biodegradable substances. They deliver safe but powerful and effective cleaning.

 Q Are the products tested on animals? Are they vegan?
No, our products are not tested on animals, we love them and would never do that. Our products are also vegan.


Q How can we say that the products are eco-friendly?
A All Beegreen products generate zero waste. Right from inception Beegreen products were designed with environment friendly ingredients that bring out maximum efficacy. Beegreen’s entire process life cycle is evaluated and certified by the Global Eco-labelling Network (GEN) and has awarded the Green Pro certification.


Q How effective are Beegreen products?
 A Beegreen products are designed to align with the 12 principles of Green Chemistry which assures clean and green cleaning. Its biodegradable ingredients keep the planet and the family safe.


Q Are Beegreen cleaners as effective as conventional cleaners available in the market?
A  Absolutely, Beegreen is as effective or even better than conventional cleaners. With Beegreen’s advanced technology we make it clean and green. We make it safe for you and the planet without toxic fumes and harsh chemicals. 


Q Is Beegreen certified by any global organization?
A Green Pro certification by Global Ecolabelling Network.


Q Are all your products safe for children?

A Yes absolutely. They are safe for children.


Q Are Beegreen products safe for pets?
A Yes. Beegreen products are safe for pets.


Q Does prolonged storage affect the quality of the product?
A It is a best practice to use products within the mentioned expiry date.


Q Are your plastic bottles recyclable?
A All Beegreen bottles are recyclable, they are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)


Q Beegreen bottles are made of plastic then how are they eco-friendly?
A  Beegreen products are packed in high density polyethylene (HDP) bottles, they are recyclable and reusable. Since they are recyclable they do not go to landfills, they are recycled and made into new products. We are also working on incorporating biodegradable plastic and would be introduced soon. 


Q How does a disinfectant cleaner differ from a regular cleaner?
A Cleaners do the job of cleaning by removing stains whereas disinfectants kill germs and remove stains. 


Q What is the range of water temperature in which Beegreen Laundry Liquid works best?

A Beegreen Laundry Liquid works equally well in both cold, lukewarm and hot water. As per the requirement of the fabric or stains, feel free to dilute Beegreen Laundry Liquid in cold, lukewarm and hot water to get the best result.


Q  How is Beegreen floor cleaner better than other floor cleaners?

A  Well, the answer is in the question. Anything that has a natural element a sits base, is bound to be better and more effective than the chemical-laden counterparts. Chemical-heavy acidic floor cleaners are abrasive, and continuous usage might damage the floor surface. Beegreen Floor Cleaner is essential oil-based and laden with completely natural ingredients, thus standing apart from the rest is not only an effective floor cleaner, but equally safe. Use Beegreen Floor Cleaner to keep floors not just clean but safe too.


Q  How is water based Beegreem Room Freshener better than other fog based room fresheners?

A  Fog based room fresheners usually dissolve in the air and does not last for longer, Beegreen water based Room Freshener due to its water based formula, when sprayed in the room its particles sits on the curtains or in the corners of the room. The material will absorb the ingredients and give it a longer lifespan. Beegreen room freshener does not emit harmful fumes but gives aroma therapy which soothes your senses and keeps your mind fresh and healthy.


Q  How Beegreen glass cleaner can be used as All-purpose cleaner?

A  Beegreen Glass Cleaner is a blend of natural ingredients with herbal, mineral composition (proprietary Items) and Sapindus mukorossi which has extraordinary natural cleaning properties and hence can be used as a multi surface cleaner too.